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heißes Verkaufs-LED-Industrie-Licht


Modell: GL-HB-45D-150W


 led high bay lighting led industrial light 100W 120W 150W 180W 200W
NO. Specification Discription
1 Input Voltage AC90-305V
2 Freqency Range 50Hz~60Hz
3 Total Harmonic Distortion ≤9%
4 Power factor 0.9
5 Power Efficiency 86%
6 LED Power 120W
7 System Consumption 136W
9 LED Quantity 1PC
10 LED Consumption 80~100LM/W
11 Initial Flux WW / 10210LM
NW / 10320LM
CW / 10260LM
12 Luminaire Efficiency 75%
13 Center Illuminance Height 4M 972LUX
Height 6M 389LUX
Height 8M 236LUX
14 Beam Angle 80°
15 Illuminance Area(Round Light Spot) Height 6M / Φ7.05m
Height 8M / Φ10.37m
Height 10M / Φ13.69m
16 Illuminance Uniformity 0.5
17 Color Temperature WW/2700-3300K
18 Color Rendering Index WW/Ra68
19 Light Distribution Symmetry / Round Light Spot
20 Light Design LED+reflector secondly light distribution
21 Juction Temperature ≤80°C
22 Operation Temperature -40°C~+55°C
23 Storage Temperature -25°C-+55°C (26°C is best-fit)
24 IP Rating IP65
25 Working Life Span 50,000Hours
26 Power Line 0.75mm2 three-core cable
27 Connect Wire Brown/L; Blue/N; Yellow, Green/G
28 Housing Color of Lamp Head Black/ Silver (optional)
29 Certificate CE,RoHS
30 Application Workshop, warehouse, toll station, gas station, supermarket, gymnasium, exhibition hall, and other public lighting places
31 Features
The light source adopts the integration of imported single high power LED, with the special design of integrating many chips into one lighting source.
Integrative design for heat sink and housing; The LED is closely connected to the surface. The heat from the LED is removed through the heat dissipation wing and also by air ventilation. This ensures 50,000 hours life-span for the LED. If it works 11-12 hours per day, it can work over 10 years.
The high pure imported aluminum from Germany as the reflector has high reflecting efficiency, and it can make sure the luminous flux, controlling the light inside of a useful area. It improves the efficiency of light uniformity and utilization, showing the LED advantage of energy saving.
New high efficiency constant current driver. Wide range of input voltage: AC85-265V.
Can present the original color of the objects, it has varies of colors to choose which can meet the requirements in different environments. It eliminates the dullness of environments caused by the lower color temperature, like sodium lamp, or higher color temperature, like mercury lamp. This could satisfy the feeling of those who appreciate the lighting.
No delay start. No waiting. It can reach its normal light as soon as it is turned on. No noise.
Obvious power-saving efficiency. Use powerful LED light source and high efficiency imported LED driver. Compare with sodium lights, it can save electricity around 60%.
Environment friendly and no air pollution. We exert the design of using cold light source. It’s no heat radiation. There is no ill to our eyes and skin. The floodlights do not have lead, hydrargyrum and any other contamination. It is really environment friendly with ROHS certificate
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